Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super 

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Corsa vs Stradale

Moreover, it should be noted that the Giulia TI Super was essentially available in two versions, namely corsa or stradale.

The differences reveal themselves in a few details only.

Corsa The underbody came without underbody protection, the side windows were delivered in Persepex, the window lifting mechanism for the rear windows was omitted, a heater system could be omitted on request, usually no brake servo was installed, hoods and doors were delivered without anti-drone mass.

Stradale In this version, the doors and hoods had anti-drone compounds and the car floor came with underbody protection. Alfisti recognize the Stradale by its rear crank windows. Otherwise, a lot was available here, which was good and expensive. For example, some Giulia TI Super left the factory with interior headlights, brake servo installed, sun visor for both driver and front passenger and a glove compartment flap etc..

Other important special equipment:

  • Oil cooler
  • Various rear axle ratios with limited slip differential
  • Different gear gradations
  • Various camshafts
  • 3 different petrol tank sizes (46L, 80L and 100L)
  • Depending on the sources, there should have been doors and hoods in aluminum
  • Bumpers in aluminium (visible in the Alfa Blue Team collection)
  • image taken during visit of the famous alfa blue team collection in 2019

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